Is Mark “personal information” Zucherberg wrong?

A worldwide protest against Mark Zucherberg has been launched by hospital staffers because as they indicate “patients are concerned about personal security”. And it seems, the culprit of culprits garnering the brunt of their concerns is of course the one and only custodian of most of the personal data on “well”, everybody. And it stands to reason, I mean, why should one person know so much about all our dirty laundry? And, why should this person so vehemently proclaim that he has somehow established a right to this information, and how he uses it.

Now some of this personal information could be damaging to some people. Imagine the young lady who finds out her fiance’s best man is the guy she was dating previously, and, she had posted it on Facebook – eeeeeee. How about the guy who posted that Big Macs gave him an upset stomach and diarrhea, then was offered a high level job at the food chain – duuuuhhhhh! What about the employee that said Tim’s coffee beans are the same as everybody else’s? That winter radials are made the same way, just different tread pattern? Or, the employee who declared that lady razors are the same as cheap men’s razors, except that they’re pink and more gentle, say what?, whahahahaha!

Well now, for that matter, the razor package I bought indicates that each razor is good for one month. And that’s could be considered true, if you don’t mind having your hair growth pulled out instead of cut off – ouuuch! And, what does that have to do with personal information, ok, nothing, but it’s relative if you consider that I spoke about it on the “media”, and what if I’m subsequently offered a job at the blade company, not to mention any names?

Of course, this brings us then to the moral of the story’s privacy policy. Don’t post anything about sex, tires, coffee or razor blades!

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