How to mix and match bikinis

When contemplating the perfect mix and match bikini, our own part-time administrator says “simply try it on and if it fits, wear it”. I could say that too, about a lot of things. However, I’m not blond, not a bombshell and don’t talk the street talk “as she puts it”.

All the same, she definitely has a worthwhile point. And, no, I didn’t mean that one! So, I asked “well, what about colors”? She exclaims, “when it comes to colors, with bikinis there are no rules”. Certainly a valid and worthwhile observation indeed!

Then I asked, “does a tiny g-string bottom accessorize well with a cover up top”? She exclaimed “sure, if it fits”.

At that point, well I give up. Obviously, this is going to be a well guarded secret. Or maybe I should ask some of those Victoria’s Secret girls?

In any case, we come to the moral of the story. Don’t ask a woman silly questions about bikinis, if you want answers!

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