Blond Opinions

Yes, even the darling of Canadian business, ranking 4th in public opinion for the last five years, has fallen to 50th, and this in spite of the fact that the brand has added many new sweet treats and even sweeter coffees to the menu. We’re speaking of Tim Hortons here. And how could that happen when we so ardently admire and frequent our most cherished hangout. Well, a study conducted by Leger and National Public Relations made this gruesome discovery, and as rumor would have it, the findings reflect a change in Tim Hortons employee policy. Would you believe some Ontario franchisees no longer pay their employees hourly wages for their breaks? And, they blame that on the fact government raised the hourly minimum wage payment. And, supposedly, head office refuses to compensate the franchisees in any way to offset this added burden.
Now that’s hard to believe when you are asked to cough up $1.55 for a “small” cup of colored or should I say “coloured” water, eh?
And, you might ask, what does that have to do with bikinis, and more specifically 999bikini.com? Well, we were wondering what would happen to our brand if Leger and company did a study on how public opinion reflects our popularity? And we might have to change our name, from 999bikini to say (what?) about 29bikini?
Now we’re still getting paid for coffee breaks, and trips to the washroom, and yes even the odd excursion to Tim Hortons for one of those $1.55 favorited coffees. Definitely that would stand us well in any poll conducted by Leger and National. But the question remains, would we sell any more bikinis?
The short answer, probably not! But then who knows, we might sell more hardhats, or thingamagiggers, or something. For the long answer, please read our Privacy Policy and send us some comments below, or in our “Contact Form” hahaha. Try to be gentle. Our public relations expert is blond and drop dead gorgeous. If you look at her you fall flat on your face. Bikini or no bikini!
This of course raises another question. What does our blond Public Relations Expert have to do with studies conducted by Leger and National Public Relations? Well, short answer, they both love bikinis. Long answer, they both love them more if they’re yellow and have pink polkadots. Hahahahaha, you thought I was about to give a long winded answer (more giggles).
So there you have it, the moral of the story. Don’t leave your pink polkadot bikini in the closet when you’re conducting a survey about Canadian preferences.
For more scintillating observations on public opinion, visit this blog often. Oh yea, and don’t forget the bikini, eh?

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